Storytelling for Change

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How can sharing stories help us to navigate the difficult bits of life and create real change?

Join me as I travel around in my little red van, collecting, sharing and listening to stories exploring this question

Ministry of change in a bit more than one sentence:

Life is so complex. It is full of ups and downs. I’ve spent years navigating depression and anxiety - Ministry of Change was born as a way of exploring the nagging feeling that there was more to life than trudging through with a low hum of despair. Over the past few years I have been on a journey to explore, through storytelling, how we as humans learn to navigate the difficult bits and come out stronger.

Storytelling For Change

My main focus with Ministry of Change is storytelling. Stories are the whispers of our ancestors, passing on the wisdom of human experience. If we tell and listen to stories deeply we are able to access this wisdom that lays beyond words, often as deeper knowings inside of ourselves.


Whenever I meet people that I think have a story to tell the world I like to invite them to share it on the Ministry of Change podcast. Some of these are from important thought leaders around change and transformation, some from people who have created inspiring projects, and many are from people who have navigated or are navigating difficult experiences. The power of sharing and listening to these stories is an important part of healing ourselves, our communities and tackling the global challenges that together we face.



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