A journey into

 Mental Health

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Ministry of Change in one sentence:

I’m traveling the UK in my van, exploring my experiences with depression and anxiety, learning from others and helping to make the conversation around mental health accessible to everyone

And a bit more than one sentence:

Mental health issues, such as Depression and Anxiety (and many more) are so prominent these days. Why is this the case?

Is the way that we have structured society broken?

How can we find our way home again to a deeper connection with ourselves and the planet?

Ministry of Change is a project in which I am traveling around the UK exploring these themes.  I’m exploring my own experiences with depression and anxiety and talking to others about their experiences. I’m connecting with people and projects that are either directly or indirectly having an effect on the way we view and talk about our mental health and I’m looking at how the way that we have structured society impacts on our mental health and the possible systemic changes we could make to create a world in which everybody can be themselves and really thrive.


Ministry of Change on the road
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Come along for the ride!

I can't do this alone. The success of Ministry of Change depends on openness and collaboration. I don't have all the answers (very few in fact!)...  but I have loads of questions that I'd like to explore with you.

I'd love to hear from you about your personal stories relating to your own mental health, whether a transformational story of breaking through, or if you are at the very start of your own journey. 

If you run a project or initiative, or know of one that you think may be interested in this project and want to be part of the journey, please get in contact with me - I want to build a list of people and places that I can visit.

If you can think of another way of being part of the journey that I haven't thought of then definitely get in touch... 


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If you are passionate about opening up the conversation around mental health and think there is value in what I'm doing, it would be wonderful if you'd become one of my patrons. If this isn't possible, not to worry, if you could help me share my campaign that would mean the world to me! 


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