Creating spaces to talk about mental health and what it means to be human

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Ministry of Change in one sentence:

I’m traveling the UK in my van exploring depression and anxiety, recording conversations and creating spaces to talk about mental health, how to navigate life and what it means to be human

And a bit more than one sentence:

Over the last few years I've struggled with depression and anxiety. I found navigating life really overwhelming and got to a point where I didn't know if I could go on. I reached breaking point and realised that I needed to do something to help me understand my experiences and to help other people in similar situations. So Ministry of Change was born.

I'm traveling around the UK in my lovely little red campervan, Ruby, and I'm sharing my experiences with anxiety and depression and exploring  the stories we tell around mental health as a society and how we can learn from the difficult parts of our lives and begin to change these narratives.

Creating Spaces to Talk About Mental Health

Creating spaces for us to share stories of how we experience the world is very important. While we all experience life in a very unique way, in sharing stories we can start to understand that there is no 'normal', there are no 'shoulds' and that we can give ourselves the permission to be who we are. Ministry of Change is one of those spaces.



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If you are passionate about opening up the conversation around mental health and think there is value in what I'm doing, it would be wonderful if you'd become one of my patrons. If this isn't possible, not to worry, if you could help me share my campaign that would mean the world to me! 


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