Ministry of Change Logo

What exactly is this project?

I'm traveling around the UK in my camper van, visiting pioneering projects, sharing my own personal experiences and listening to other people's stories. 

Through sharing stories, running workshops and events and building a network of connections I hope to play a small part in creating a society where people can be themselves, speak openly about their situation and help to create an adaptive and resilient society - turning our individual 'weaknesses' into the strengths that we can use to create a positive story for the future. 

I want to help make the conversation around mental health accessible to everyone.

Why does Ministry of Change exist? 

At its roots, this is a personal journey about learning to understand myself and my own mental health struggles, but I also want it to be outward focused. I hope that I can find some answers for myself, but more than that, I hope that I can inspire others and help other people connect the dots and make mental health something completely free of taboo.


  • To talk with other people who have been on their own transformational journeys and come out the other side (or are still trying).
  • To find projects that are directly or indirectly creating positive change around mental health.
  • To explore alternative therapies and natural remedies for things like depression.
  • To create safe spaces for people to be open and honest, and to promote these values as a way of life.
  • To be part of breaking stigma and taboo around mental health.
  • To explore alternative living, governance, education and communities to try and understand the deeper systemic causes that may have an effect on mental health.

How will the journey be captured?

Along the way I will be spending time working and volunteering at projects, sharing my experiences and listening to the inspiring stories of the people I meet along the way. 

I will be blogging, podcasting and making short videos to document all this - in the hope of inspiring others to have courage and be the people who they know they can be.