Depression: The Logical Conclusion to a World Without Beauty

I was just talking with a new friend about depression and suicide and the importance of rediscovering the beauty of the world.

We often label things like depression as a problem with the person that needs to be fixed, but actually to me it seems like these feelings are the logical conclusion that you will arrive at if you follow the paths that are currently laid out for us (educational, organisational, agricultural, governmental, etc).

We are forced down a bleak path where only a few can really thrive.

The other path, the one less travelled, the one with more uncertainty, brings us into connection with nature and with ourselves.

It helps us see the beauty inside others and the vulnerability of what it really means to be human.

It’s a place that requires us to access our agency and create what we need to create. To be artists. To create businesses that can sustain our future, not drain it. To know, love and support our neighbours and hold multiple perspectives. To navigate conflict without creating more violence.

A place where we can be free to fail and unlearn.

This is the place where beauty lies — but it can be a hard place to find, as it can’t easily be found through logic and rationalisation.

It requires a leap of faith and full access to your heart.

The world is a beautiful place, and each person can make it even more beautiful by allowing what we feel deep inside to be born into the world.