What's been happening? January 2019

Hi! I hope the first month of 2019 has been treating you well.


I’m in the Alps at the moment. I’ve been here helping out my friend Sally-Anne and her husband Simon. They run a chalet here and Sally-Anne is also a mindful leadership coach. It’s been a nice break from my usual routine in the UK, and has given me space to reflect on the direction of Ministry of Change, interspersed with shovelling snow and driving guests to the ski lift.


I’ve also had lots of opportunities to go walking in the mountains, skiing, snowshoeing and really getting immersing myself in the tranquility of the snowy landscape.


I had big plans about how much Ministry of Change work I would get done while I’m here. I had notions that I would be zooming all over the alps for 2 months recording conversations and interviews with people. As it turn s out, that hasn’t really been the vibe, and I’m trying to get comfortable with just being present with myself and letting nature be my guide. It can be tough to stop and just be, when there is always that little voice telling me I should be doing more.

What's been happening on the podcast?

Having said that, this month I’ve uploaded two podcast episodes that I recorded before Christmas


#34 Lucy Purdy: Positive News and How We Can Change The World  :Lucy is the editor of Positive News magazine and we had a fantastic chat about the role of positive news in a world where so much of the media is fuelled by negative news, and what this can do to our collective mental health.

was also featured in the latest issue of Positive News (issue 96) discussing my work as a mental health campaigner - so do pop out and get yourself a copy!


#35 James Arnoldi: The Messiah Complex In this episode James shares his story of a spiritual awakening / psychotic episode he had a few years ago that led him to believe that he was Jesus, and the journey of grounding himself in the reality that he may not be. Do have a listen to that.



What's been happening on the blog?


Books I Read in 2018 - which is fairly self explanatory

Why Are We Living Like This? - a previously unpublished post I wrote nearly 2 years ago, which I think inadvertently captured the conception of Ministry of Change, although at the time I was lost and confused and wondering what the optimum conditions for living really were.




These are a few things that I read / listened to this month that I’d love to share with you.


Walden by Henry David Thoreau - this is the original book about getting away from it all and spending time in nature. Despite being written in 1854 it is so relevant today in terms of mental health, disconnection to the self and nature, and consumerism. I think it might be the best book I’ve ever read.


AndŌ: Silence in the Forest on Encountering Silence Podcast :

I listened to this podcast episode with a friend, AndŌ, a zen poet who spends her time in the woods exploring life, poetry and solitude. It’s a really inspiring listen.


I’m continuing to grow my Patreon to support the work that I am doing with Ministry of Change. I currently have 20 patrons, which I’m excited about. If you like what I’m doing and are able to help support me I will share the link here. If that isn’t feasible right now then that is also totally fine. Listening and sharing my work (and leaving a review on iTunes!) also helps me a great deal.

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will leave you to enjoy your day. Have a great month.


With love,