#10 Max St John: Qigong and Connecting with Your Self

Max has been practicing Qigong for a number of years. I didn’t really know much about it before my visit. I knew it had its roots in Daoism, and it was about connecting with the natural flow of nature, through movement - but apart from that I was pretty clueless.

I spent 4 days in Bude staying with Max and his lovely family. Over those few days we spent a couple of hours a day practicing Qigong, and the rest of the time walking, talking, eating and building lego with Max’s two boys.

I’ve worked with Max a number of times, doing work around hosting conversations and creating spaces for people to talk. I’ve also participated on a few workshops he has run, one exploring my relationship to money, another looking at non-violent communication. I always love chatting with Max, and I wish I could have recorded and posted all our conversations, but luckily for you, I didn’t. I’m not sure how interested you’d all be in listening to 14 hours of me and Max chatting.

But I did sit down with him to record this short conversation on my final night there around Max’s own experiences with mental health, Qigong, a bit of Eastern philosophy and how to listen to your body.

To find out more about what Max is up to take a look at his website www.beingwildthings.com Qigong is just the tip of the iceberg - if you’re interested in self development, non-violent communication and human needs, participatory leadership, self management… the list goes on, Max is someone to get in touch with.

To find out more about my journey with ministry of change, check out my website: www.theministryofchange.org - where you can find links to my blog, my vlogs - (I recorded a mini-documentary about my trip to reclaim St.Ives from my memories of depression), and more.

I’ve now got a Ministry of Change email which is: marcus@theministryofchange.org - so please do get in touch regarding the podcast, your own experience with mental health or anything else really - I’m traveling around in my van, so always looking for a nice place to park up and have a chat and a shower!