#11 Simon Medhurst: Depression, Confronting our Fear of Death and Grieving for our Planet

Hello! Welcome to the Ministry of Change podcast.

The conversation Iā€™m going to play you today I recorded on a not so warm day at the end of March this year when I went down to Thanet to meet Simon Medhurst at his home in Ramsgate. Simon got in contact with me after Lily and Pete, from We The Uncivilized shared my project of their social media channels. Simon had seen their wonderful documentary, where they travel the UK in their van looking for positive stories about the future of our planet, and been inspired to start a mens talking circle, and a community fire circle - both spaces where people can meet and talk in a way that promotes openness, self organisation and deep listening. He invited me down to experience these, which I did. I was a little anxious about how I would be received, as an outsider in a quite intimate space, but I had nothing to worry about as both of the groups were incredibly warm and welcoming.

In this conversation with Simon he talks about his experience with depression and access to statutory mental health services, the fear we have of death and the damage that causes, and the impact we are having on the planet.

I found it really interesting so I hope you do too.

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