#12 Simon's Story: Acute Anxiety after a Car Crash

Hi there. I’ve decided to start a series of Metal Health stories to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 2018. My podcasts are usually in a more conversational style, but I wanted this space to be slightly different. They are spaces where people have the chance to tell their story and for us to listen.

These stories will come from from different perspectives - some will be about a particular diagnosis, some will be about a specific event, some more general, some about a direct experience, some about caring for others. I’ve purposely tried to make the space as open as possible.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a story of redemption, of how I overcame such and such. It's an experiment, but I think that creating a space for us to share stories of how we experience the world is very important. While we all experience life in a very unique way, in sharing stories we can start to understand that there is no 'normal', there are no 'shoulds' and that we can give ourselves the permission to be who we are. By sharing our experiences we can help to break down stigmas and allow more people to thrive.

To start off these stories I’d like to share a recording of a story I recorded recently with Simon Richards, who suffered a period of acute anxiety following a car accident a number of years ago.

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