#16 Scott's Story: Depression and the Journey of Self Discovery

Today it’s Scott who will be sharing his story. It’s a story about depression and the journey of self discovery that has opened up for him. I met Scott a couple of years ago when we were both living in Brighton. I guess the first time we sat together and had a conversation about mental health I was surprised to hear that Scott had struggled with depression for a number of years. He is the sort of person that you notice when he walks into the room. He is tall, he has a playful and inquisitive energy that rubs off on you and at the time had long wild, bouncy hair. He had an air of confidence that I admired and someone who I could tell had it all worked out.

People often comment to me that I seem confident and brave to be going out and exploring mental health. I guess I didn’t really relate to that in the past. But now I realise that I am confident and brave. I’m also a scared little boy. I’m also an emotional wreck. I’m full of self doubt.

The same is true of Scott. He is confident, he is playful and inquisitive, but he also has all the other facets of the self. That’s the thing that makes him the Scott I value as a friend, and that is why I’m so grateful that he took the time to share his story with us.

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