#17 Esther's Story: Addiction, Recovery and Yoga

This week Esther shares her story of alcohol addiction, recovery and how yoga helped her stop looking externally for answers and to start looking inside to find more peace.

I think Esther’s story seemed quite familiar. It felt quite close to home for me, and I think it will do for many people. A lot of people find life very hard and start looking externally to change that. That can all too easily come in the form of alcohol, drugs and other substances, as they are a way of escaping, a way of getting a little bit of respite from the toil that life can sometimes feel like.

But ultimately those external things don’t work. They damage and lead to more hurt. Eventually, there is a requirement to move away from those external things, however hard that may be, and to go inside. That’s when it starts to get really hard. But if you can push through that, I really believe you can transform yourself. But it’s not an easy journey.

So I think when people are able to share their story of how they navigated that difficult path it can be really useful to others who are nearer the start of the journey.

Find out more about Esther’s Yoga practice and her story at her website:http://balanceandbreathe.co.uk/ .

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