#23 Transforming the Way We Live and Learn with Nadežda & Justus

How could exploring alternative ways of living and learning help us to transform society into something that could help more people thrive?

In the last episode of this podcast Charles Eisenstein said “Mental illness is built into society as we know it, and therefore to heal mental illness or to foster mental health is fundamentally a social, political, economic problem. It’s not just how do we treat people better”.

On my explorations into ‘mental health’ I often find myself back exploring both community and alternative education, as two key areas that I believe can create a fundamental shift in the way we have structured society, so it was great to be invited by Nadežda Jevdokimova and Justinas Volungevicius to the DNS Necessary Teacher Training College where the focus is on both alternative ways of teaching and learning, and also community.

For more information about the DNS Necessary Teacher Training Collegewww.dns-tvind.dk

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