#26 Kitchen Table Chat: On Anxiety with Steph, Charlie, Dave and Marcus

“Anxiety is trying to tell you something I think. I think that's why it's so different for everyone. It's not this one size fits all ‘this is an illness’. It's about what's behind it.”

Earlier in the year I was sitting at my friend Steph’s house in Bristol, having a cup of tea and a chat with here around the kitchen table. The conversation naturally flowed into talking about anxiety, something that is a part of both of our lives. I realised then that this was the kind of conversation I wanted to record. A friendly chat around the kitchen table, over a cup of tea. The intimacy of the situation and the familiarity of the setting just seemed to work so well. Both Steph and I know a lot of people with anxiety, so we hatched a plan to invite some friends around the next time I was in Bristol to record a conversation on anxiety. So a few weeks ago Steph, myself, Dave and Charlie boiled the kettle, brewed the tea and switched on the recorder… here is the result. 

View the TRANSCRIPT here

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