#3 OTR Bristol: Helping Young People to Talk about Mental Health

Discussing our mental health can be hard at the best of times. We are in a world that is increasingly hard to navigate.

For young people especially talking about what they are experiencing on the inside, social pressures, misconceptions and lack of understanding can make it seem nearly impossible.

Organisations such as Off the Record do great work in normalising the discussion around mental health, and helping young people to make sense of the world and really thrive.

In this episode I met with Liam and Laura from OTR to talk about the work they are doing to help end stigma, the way technology can effect mental health and the positive power it can also yield, and much more. To find out more about OTR check out their website: http://www.otrbristol.org.uk/ (Their website is amazing - for both young and old!)

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