#4 Shift Bristol: Permaculture and Reconnecting to What Being Human is all About

As part of my mental health trip around the UK I’m keen on getting off the beaten track, and exploring projects that may not immediately shout, “Mental Health!”, at you, but are in some way looking into the way we live our lives or have structured society. Permaculture is something that has been on my radar for a few years now, but I haven’t really had the chance to explore fully. I first came across permaculture through my work with systems change and was intrigued by how the principles of nature can be applied to make human systems more effective. Permaculture is the ‘study of nature and the understanding of how nature works, and it’s the application of those principles’ to how we provide for our human needs’.

It is quite counter-cultural to the way mainstream culture currently works, with focus on how we can meet our needs for fuel, transport, housing, and community in an affordable, and most importantly, sustainable way.

In this podcast episode, I went along to Shift Bristol, to talk to Sarah Pugh and Bryher, who both know a great deal more than I do about permaculture and the positive effects it can have on society.

I believe it is through ideas like permaculture, that encourage a deeper connection with the land, an understanding of our impact on the environment, and which nurtures a deeper sense of community and communication, that we can start to heal some of the more broken aspects of society and improve our collective wellbeing. As Sarah says during the interview, permaculture “reconnects us with what being human is really all about”.

Now, that seems like something we should sit up and take note of. In the podcast we discuss:

  • The underlying ethical foundations of permaculture.

  • The practical application of permaculture

  • Community

  • Permaculture in the city

  • The mental health benefits of nature

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