#5 Dave Perrins: The Importance of Sharing the Difficult Bits

For this episode I went for a chat with my friend Dave Perrins at his house in Brighton. I first met Dave a couple of years ago, at an event run by our mutual friend, Adam.

Over the past few years we’ve had many a chat over cups of tea about mental wellbeing, productivity and getting stuff done, and also about the importance of sharing the lows and the struggles and not just the high points. Dave is the brains behind, Share Your Story, a popular event in Brighton which as the name suggests creates a platform for people to share their experiences, around themes such as immigration, death, building happy businesses, mental health and creativity.

He also runs The Dad Course which helps fathers to be learn the ropes as they enter into life as a first time dad.

Dave also writes a blog called Do What Matters Most, about living simply and making the world better. At the beginning of the podcast, we mention how we are not going to just talk about our projects - and then proceed to talk about our respective projects - but weaved around that we cover topics like:

  • -how to ask yourself difficult questions,

  • -being honest about your comfort zone,

  • -what is happiness?

  • -Loneliness

  • - the useful side of experiencing pain.

  • -The importance of sharing experiences

This is a much more conversational episode than some of the others, and I feel despite the microphone it captures the essence of some of our past chats, and hopefully you will find it fun, entertaining and maybe even find a few nuggets of wisdom buried within it.

Find out more about the projects Dave is involved with here: http://www.thedadcourse.com/ http://shareyourstory.space/


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