#7 Rik Turner: How To Go Slow And Avoid Burnout

At the end of the month I had to opportunity to go to Portugal for a retreat organised by two friends Henrietta Jadin and Rik Turner, which was very appropriately a Slow working retreat, focused on just that - slowing down and reassessing our priorities.

Wow - what a week - it was just what I needed.

On this podcast I chatted with Rik, at his flat in Lisbon, the day after we got back from the retreat. This was our second attempt, as we tried to record an alfresco podcast in the Portuguese countryside a few days earlier, but were drowned out by the sound of frogs and dogs. I really never knew frogs could be so noisy!

Aside from helping Hen organise Slo-Working (and I’ll be releasing a podcast with Hen in the near furute), Rik is also the founder of Haps, a startup that focuses on wellbeing and nutrition. As their strapline goes, it’s a ‘SuperFruits powder to feed your happy’.

Rik and I chatted about slowing down and how to avoid burning out at work. It’s a topic that keeps coming up as I talk to people about their mental health. If you’ve listened to podcast #2 you’ll remember my chat with James from Sanctus on a similar topic. It’s just so prevalent. The pressure to work hard and fast is so prevalent in our culture, that people feel like they have no other option that to work long hours, and constantly strive for growth at speed.

Thanks to Rik for taking the time to record this interview - to find out more about Rik’s startup Haps check out the website : wearehaps.com

and to find out about Rik and Hen’s Slo-working project go to their site: slo-working.strikingly.com

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