#8 Henrietta Jadin: Finding Your Own Rhythm in Life

I recorded this conversation with Henrietta Jadin, on the final day of a Slo-Working retreat in Portugal. I’ve known Hen for about a year or so through a community we are both part of called the Happy Startup School (you can check out podcast episode #6 to hear my chat with Laurence from the HSS). Hen was the mastermind behind this sloworking retreat, and her and her partner Rik (episode 7) worked together to pull it off.

In my chat with Hen we talked about the concept of slowing down and of slo-working. We talked about the importance of finding your own rhythm in life, we talked about our mutual interest in living in vans, and living in vans in car parks, and the pros and cons that go with it. We talked about minimal living, and we also talked about breaking through barriers of fear and the power of community.

To follow Hen’s slow working journey and to find out about upcoming retreats check out her FB page @sloworkingspace And their website: http://slo-working.strikingly.com/

And to follow my mental health journey around the UK check out my website - www.theministryofchange.org

If you have a story about your own mental health, or are part of something that you think benefits mental health do get in touch - maybe I’ll drive the Ministry of Change van to come and meet you!