#29 My Story: Depression, Anxiety & Learning that I am Enough

People often ask me if I'm going to share my own story on the podcast - well here it is. Last week I had the opportunity to speak at an event in Brighton run by Dave Perrins (featured in Ep.5 of the podcast) called Share Your Story

The theme of the evening was 'Strength from Weakness: Journeys in Mental Health and Vulnerability' and I was invited to speak alongside two people, Rachel, who shared her journey with eating disorders, and Phil, who talked about navigating depression. 

Despite being nervous it was an amazing opportunity, and I hope I get to do more public speaking in the future.

"Over this year I've met so many people... and so many of them say 'I want to do this but I need to do X,Y,Z first' Basically they are saying 'I'm waiting for someone to tell me I can do this because I am not enough' I look at all of these people and I know that all of them are enough. It doesn't matter what they are doing. It doesn't matter what their job is. It doesn't matter what they are wearing. Or who they know. When I look into their eyes I know that they are beautiful humans. I know that they are enough. All of you... no matter what you think about yourselves, or what anyone else has told you, you are enough"

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