#36 Anneli Roberts (Pigletish): You Are Not Alone

In this episode I traveled to Cardiff, Wales to hang out with Anneli Roberts who runs a mental health project called Pigletish. She blogs, Tweets and Podcasts about mental health and her work as a mental health advocate helps thousands of people everyday. 

Pigletis website: https://pigletish.com/
Anneli's Twitter: @pigletish

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In started this podcast with a poem I wrote - If you want to skip straight to the conversation it starts 12 minutes in! (Sorry I got carried away with poetry!)

In the conversation Anneli talks about how she got started blogging and podcasting about mental health. 

She shares her journey with PTSD following an abusive relationship. 

We also discuss the anxiety inducing state of the world and the power of social media to connect people on an unprecedented level. 

I hope you enjoy. 

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