Remembering Polly Higgins: Ecocide and Protecting the Planet

I was really saddened to hear that Polly Higgins, the ecocide lawyer and environmentalist, passed away yesterday. She was a very special person doing important work for our planet. 

In the summer of 2017 I was part of a project called Unibus, where we drove a bus full of young people around the UK for 6 weeks visiting intentional communities and inspiring people. Polly was one of those people and was in part inspiration for me starting Ministry of Change.

 She invited us to her office in Stroud, made us tea and shared her story with us and answered our questions and I made this recording. Since then the recording has been gathering dust an inactive Soundcloud page. I relistened to it this morning walking around the farm. A lot of what she says, especially towards the end of our chat about the importance of creating peaceful environmental movements, seems so relevant to what is happening at the moment with Extinction Rebellion and wider social movements.

I decided it would be a fitting tribute to Polly and her work to share that conversation we recorded on a sunny afternoon in August 2 years ago. 

Rest in Peace Polly

with love,