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#8 Henrietta Jadin: Finding Your Own Rhythm in Life

In my chat with Hen we talked about the concept of slowing down and of slo-working. We talked about the importance of finding your own rhythm in life, we talked about our mutual interest in living in vans, and living in vans in car parks, and the pros and cons that go with it. We talked about minimal living, and we also talked about breaking through barriers of fear and the power of community.

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#7 Rik Turner: How To Go Slow And Avoid Burnout

Rik and I chatted about slowing down and how to avoid burning out at work. It’s a topic that keeps coming up as I talk to people about their mental health. If you’ve listened to podcast #2 you’ll remember my chat with James from Sanctus on a similar topic. It’s just so prevalent. The pressure to work hard and fast is so prevalent in our culture, that people feel like they have no other option that to work long hours, and constantly strive for growth at speed.

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