Share Your Story

I found sharing my story about anxiety, depression and some of the darker times in my life really useful in helping me understand and process my feelings and emotions and begin to make sense of what was happening to me (or as my friend Scott would say 'what is happening for me"). Hearing about other people's experiences also really helped me through some difficult times. 

I'd like to start a section on the podcast where I can read out some of these stories, to help them reach a wider audience and so that their ripple effect can have a positive effect on helping others speak out to end stigma. 

In the form below, I'd like to invite you to a space where you can share your story of your own mental health struggles, be that anxiety, depression, post-natal depression, eating disorders, OCD, or the literally endless list of things that we deal with on a daily basis. 

Obviously, if you want to remain anonymous then do feel free to fill in a fake name and email address.

If possible please keep the story to less than 750 words, and write the subject line: 'Ministry of Change: Share Your Story'

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